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Yogaherz was founded in Zurich and offers Yoga classes, meditations, massages and spiritual coaching. Yogaherz represents the love for Yoga and the power within us to open our hearts to transformation.


Michel Manser

"Calmness and clarity came, when the mind started to slow down."


Nicole Spencer

Nicole is the co-host of our yoga retreats and a dedicated Yogini with her passion for a healthy lifestyle. If you want to know more about her check her bio on or go to her website




Before attending Yoga sessions with Michel, I was a complete novice and did not know much about this world. However, Michel very patiently walked me through each step, and I have learned immensely from him ever since. I could not recommend him and his sessions enough - not only because of his immense knowledge and years of experience, but also his incredible and inspirational personality!


P. Preibisch

I appreciate Michel's extensive expertise, which he proved in all the different courses and programs. His authenticity with clear, calm instructions, his reliability, but also his numerous human qualities are something to be commended.



The yoga lessons full of energy given by Michel make you lose track of time. I was especially sold on the practice of Kundalini. Playful and with his excellent sense of humor, he leads through various kriyas, and I'm always amazed at the energy that is released in me. Thank you very much.

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