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Swedish Massage
The Swedish massage is a soothing therapeutic massage in which the musculoskeletal system is treated with various mechanical manipulations - hand movements. (The skin, the underlying connective tissue and the muscles) The Swedish massage is often referred to a therapeutic massage and is the most traditional and commonly used massage. 

More sports success and longevity of the musculoskeletal system with our sports massage. The blood circulation in the body is promoted and the endurance and performance in sports is increased.

The sports massage is mainly performed with techniques of classical massage. It is used both as a preparation for a competition to prevent injuries and as a relaxing after-treatment to promote regeneration and prevent muscle shortening and soreness.  

Dorn therapy

The simple and efficient manual Dorn therapy helps already after a few sessions to a pain - and discomfort-free condition of the client.

The manual and gentle Dorn therapy releases the tense muscles in the vertebrae, so that they slide back into their original state. This is done under light pressure of the therapist and rhythmic movements of the client. Once the vertebrae are straightened, the pain subsides surprisingly quickly. If the client comes to therapy quickly after an incident, often only 1 - 2 sessions are sufficient. If misalignments have been present for a long time, several sessions may be necessary until the musculature is properly adjusted to the location. 

Michel is an EMR certified Massage Therapist and a lot of health insurances are paying a part of the costs. It depends what type and services your health insurance provides. 
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