Do you want to have a  happy and relaxed life? Get to know you better and thus make the right decisions? Do you want to be solid as a rock with a smile if everything turns out differently than planned?

Yogaherz has developed a program for you. It comprises 12 modules, which are worked through from modules 1 - 12. Entry is possible at any time.

The training is characterized by its diversity, which has only one goal, to strengthen you all around, to free you from bad habits and to show you solutions for a happy life that is in your own hands.

The structure of the program is based on experience that has already worked for many. Different yoga and mediation styles are practiced and different yoga paths are shown and integrated. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Yoga Philosophy) are integrated in a simple and understandable way, so that they are useful in everyday life. Are you ready to dive deeper into your own being?

The course is aimed at everyone who wants to delve deeper into the great world of yoga. This course will provide you with many simple new inputs so that you will make progress in your everyday life very quickly.

Be ready for Your Self 2.0 and tackle the journey with us. We look forward to seeing you and love to assist you. With love  - yoga heart

Yoga is a system of understanding one’s own nature,

becoming the master of that nature and using that

mastery for a higher purpose

(Swami Rama)

Practice in class 120 hours

Yoga - Asana, -Philosophie, - Pranayama

Each module costs between CHF 120.- - CHF 320.-

(If that is to much for you please contact us for a solution)

• The program contains 12 modules over 12 weekends.

• The modules are worked through from 1-12. However,

   they can be completed on different weekends.

• The shortest version of the entire course spans 12 months.

• The modules are booked and paid individually.

For info and subscribion send an E-mail to 

First  Modul:  Online / Sunday 28th march / 10am - 6pm

3rd Modul: Online / 28th february / Saturday / 10am - 6pm

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